Granular Gaming

Granular Gaming is a small indie group of developers, creating fun games with emphasis on physics. As a team we have a strong background in graphics, physics, math and computational science.
The team met eachother due to various computational physics and mathematics groups. Previously, we've been working on large open source computational packages. Computational stuff is cool and fun, but what if we'd be able to use our knowledge to create new and fun games?

Current Projects

Our current main project is a Procedural Zombie Shooter, with working title 'The Last Stand'. Not only do we want to create an endless world, filled with cities, villages, farms, forests and zombies; We would like to make everything as real as possible. This means that you can not only run around in this world, but also make your own impact. You need a base? Build one! Don't like this building? Tear it down!

No blocks!

After much frustration with Minecraft and similar games, we've decided to completely remove the limitation of square building blocks. Build anything you like! A further limitation of those games is that gravity does not seem to work at all for constructions. With The Last Stand your structures actually behave like in real life. Remove a supporting wall? Well, you risk the building collapsing. Might be a highly succesful zombie killer!

Sensible multiplayer!

Another point of attention is the multiplayer system. Irritated by DayZ, we have designed new gamemodes to make players play along, fight against each other, scavange, build bases, and kill zombies.


There will be screenshots. But as we're currently in the initial phases, these are more interesting to us, than possible future players. As soon as we are happy about the quality, we'll post screenshots!


Well, come and mail us! You can reach us at Bram, Chris, Freekjan, Mandy, Nico or Paul at this domain!